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Website Support

This page is your resource for support for using the Reliance Standard websites:

  • reliancestandard.com
  • MyRSL (intranet)
  • reliancestandard.com/annuities
  • reliancestandard.com/smartchoice

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please email Sales and Marketing and we’ll add information as appropriate.

I’m having trouble with the site – who should I call?
If you…

  • don’t see a choice in the navigation that you believe you should see
  • click an item and nothing happens
  • notice something seems wrong about how the page is displaying

…please contact the Help Desk at x4131, and they will troubleshoot or escalate the issue until it’s resolved.

Application issues
If you click a link to an application such as Time and Attendance, Billing, Halogen, Concur, Enrollment, etc., and have any issue with those applications – logging in, seeing correct data, etc. – contact User Services.

For other technical support issues, please consult the page Systems Help Contacts, in the Client Login Center.

Browser compatibility
The site will work best with Internet Explorer version 8 and later. You can see your browser version by choosing the Help Menu (in some versions of IE, this is a blue circle with a question mark) and then selecting “About”.  If you believe your browser is not compatible, contact the Help Desk at x4131.

Tips for accessing content quickly

  • You can use the search tool (top menu, second from right) to find any page on the site. Search will also provide links to documents. If you know the form name is EF-1234, you can enter that – or even enter “1234” – and you’ll be shown a direct link to the form you need.
  • You can also bookmark, or favorite, a page you visit frequently. Next time you’re on that page, look for the “Favorites” button in your browser toolbar. Then just add the current site to your favorites and you’ll have a direct link to that page (you may need to log in).

I used to access X on the old site – where is it now?
Consult the document Where Is It Now?

 I see inaccurate content. What should I do?
Does the page include a name and contact information for the content owner? If not, send an email to Marketing.