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    RSL LeaveManager®

    RSL LeaveManager® offers web-based services and support employers need to manage the complexities of any type of employee leave.

    Employers can record, administer and report all types of employee absence, whether government mandated or employer authorized – and remain compliant within state and federal leave administration regulations.

    With RSL LeaveManager, you’ll be able to:

    • Reduce leave and absence administrative time
    • Improve productivity by limiting FMLA usage to employees who have legitimate qualifying absences
    • Reduce costs associated with unscheduled absences
    • Help maintain compliance with Federal FMLA and DOL wage and hour regulations

    RSL LeaveManager Web-Based Application Features:

    • Compliance with Federal FMLA Administration including continuous, intermittent and reduced schedule leaves
    • Comprehensive audit trails
    • Medical certification processing
    • Automated and manual generation of paperwork
    • Return to work management

    RSL LeaveManager is an added-value feature available only with Reliance Standard’s Long Term Disability coverage.

    Online Tutorials:

    Leave Request
    Leave Certification
    Leave Record
    Employee Record
    Task List

    For Additional Information:

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