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    Business Travel Accident

    Reliance Standard offers protection for employees on the move

    Business Travel Accident coverage is available for groups of five or more lives. The amount and type of business traveling done by key employees will influence the kind of plan you need. Tailored plans are available. If your state minimum requirement is greater than five, the group must meet the state’s minimum.

    All coverages can be written on a stand-alone basis. Business-only or Business-and-Pleasure coverages are available. Company-owned aircraft as well as pilots can be covered.

    Available Business Travel Accident Plans

    • Common Carrier
    • All Conveyance Travel
    • 24-Hour Business Activity Accident Protection
    • 24-Hour Business and Pleasure Activity Accident Protection

    Business Travel Accident Optional Benefits

    • Accident Permanent Total Disability
    • Accident Weekly Income
    • Aircraft Pilot and Crew Coverage (any aircraft owned or leased by or operated on behalf of the employer)