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    Counselor DISM

    A Long Term Income Protection Plan for Law Students

    Preparation for a career in law represents a major investment – one that’s well worth protecting – so Reliance Standard offers a specially designed Group Long Term Disability plan for full-time law students.

    Protection under this plan during their law school years affords students favorable underwriting and pricing for Individual Disability Income Insurance when they’re ready to launch successful careers.

    Disability is not restricted to older Americans. Men and women between ages 18 and 44 have a greater than one in 10 risk of becoming disabled - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009

    Reliance Standard’s Counselor DISM Group LTD Plan Highlights:

    • LTD Monthly Benefit: $1,500
    • Student Loan Repayment: to $100,000
    • Benefit Duration until at least Social Security Normal Retirement Age
    • Benefit Offsets Over $2,000
    • Additional Lump-Sum Permanent & Total Disability Benefit: $5,000
    • Survivor Benefit
    • Specific Indemnity Benefit
    • Extended Disability Benefit

    Three out of four working Generation Y respondents said they could not afford to pay their bills for a year if disabled and unable to work. More than half of those could not sustain themselves for three months - Council on Disability Awareness, 2010