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    RSL SmartChoice®

    Small Group Products

    We know that offering employee benefits can be a big challenge for small business. That’s why Reliance Standard makes it easy. We’ve designed flexible, comprehensive benefit solutions so your clients can offer the benefits their employees want – at a price everyone can afford.

    RSL SmartChoice® is available to groups with two to 19 lives, except where otherwise specified. Our Small Group Package incorporates Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Life/AD&D and Dental/Eye Care benefits. Employers may also select stand-alone lines of coverage from among most of these plans.

    RSL SmartChoice Dental/Vision Plan Highlights

    • Groups of two through 19 lives (three to 19 unless sold with two other lines of RSL coverage)
    • Three comprehensive dental plans
    • Managed Care/PPO dental options
    • Child/Adult Orthodontia option
    • Vision option
    • Takeover coverage available (Type 3/Major services)

    RSL SmartChoice LTD Plan Highlights

    • $7,500 monthly maximum benefit
    • Guaranteed issue
    • Benefit percentage of 60%
    • 60, 90 and 180 day elimination periods
    • 36 month own occupation definition of disability
    • Pre-existing condition benefit payable up to 12 months (30% to $3,750)
    • Rehabilitation benefit
    • Survivor benefit (lump sum)

    RSL SmartChoice Life/AD&D

    Small Group Term Life Insurance plans are offered to active, full-time employees working a minimum of 30 hours per week year round (non-seasonal) who have satisfied the employer’s minimum service requirement.

    RSL SmartChoice Life/AD&D Plan Highlights

    • Simplified enrollment
    • Guaranteed issue of $50,000 for groups of two to five lives
    • Guaranteed issue of up to $75,000 for groups of six to nine lives
    • Guaranteed issue of up to $100,000 for groups of 10 through 19 lives
    • Maximum benefit of $200,000
    • Plan designs offered include 1X earnings, 2X earnings to a certain maximum, or flat amount of coverage for all
    • All plans offer an equal amount of Life/AD&D
    • Group life conversion privilege
    • Waiver of premium provision included
    • Accelerated death benefit
    • Seat belt benefit included

    RSL SmartChoice STD Plan Highlights

    • Guaranteed issue
    • Benefit options offered include 50%, 60%, 66⅔%, 70% or a flat amount of coverage for all
    • Weekly maximum benefit of $1,500
    • Pre-existing condition benefit
    • Benefit for one period of disability paid from the first day of injury or from the eighth consecutive day of sickness
    • Benefit duration of 13 or 26 weeks
    • Plans are non-occupational and end at retirement

    For Additional Information:

    RSL SmartChoice Small Group Product Directory (pdf)

    View a 2-minute video on SmartChoice, as well as broker materials on our new quoting engine and our disability, life, and dental/vision plan designs.