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    Group Accident

    No one likes to think about the possibility of an accident, but the likelihood — as well as the havoc it can cause for families — is very real. Whether it’s an automobile accident, sports injury or the inevitable slip-and-fall, an accident can bring about not only lifestyle challenges but tangible economic ones as well. And it’s not a few Americans who are impacted each year by these occurrences, it’s literally millions of them.

    Health insurance can offset many of the treatment costs, but there are “hidden” costs as well: time lost from work, satisfying deductibles, paying co-pays. And don’t forget medications, convenient meals for the family and transportation to and from doctor visits.

    Do the math: The economic impact of these fatal unintentional injuries amounted to about $2,500 per capita, or about $6,600 per household. These are costs that every individual and household pays whether directly out of pocket, through higher prices for goods and services, or through higher taxes.                                            — National Safety Council, 2014

    As a safety net against all the incremental burdens and expenses an accidental injury can cause, Reliance Standard offers Voluntary Accident insurance (VAI). The VAI plan offers employers a valuable benefit at no direct cost and employees an excellent opportunity to purchase valuable guaranteed issue coverage, through convenient payroll deduction.


    View our short video that answers questions you or your client may have about Voluntary Accident insurance.


    Group Accident Plan Features:

    • All coverage is Guaranteed Issue — no medical underwriting
    • 24-hour and non-occupational coverage available
    • Three different plan levels available
    • Employee-only, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) and family rates
    • Optional accidental death & dismemberment benefits
    • Portability
    • FMLA/MSLA continuation
    • Wellness benefit standard, may be excluded
    • May be purchased as 100% employee paid or contributory

    For additional information:
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