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    Fixed Index Products

    A smart choice for safety-conscious individuals seeking financial security and growth.

    • Index-linked interest
    • Safety of principal
    • Tax deferral
    • Guaranteed lifetime income

    Protect your future.

    Whether you’re preparing for retirement or already enjoying retirement, an index annuity can be a smart way to safeguard your retirement income with guaranteed returns. Index annuities offer tax-deferred growth, protection for your money against losses and lifetime income.

    An index annuity may appeal to you if:

    • You wish to participate in a portion of the upside of the stock market’s growth potential, while eliminating your downside market risk.
    • You need to rollover a lump-sum payment from a company-sponsored retirement or pension plan.
    • You want to contribute to an annuity because you’ve already contributed the maximum to your IRA or other qualified plans.

    Working with your insurance professional and other trusted advisors, Reliance Standard can help you find the fixed annuity that’s right for your needs.

    Keystone® Index

    Single Premium Deferred Annuity
    Minimum Premium: $10,000 (minimum of $5,000 per strategy)

    The Keystone Index annuity will earn interest based upon the allocation of your premium to one or more of the different Index Interest Strategies and/or the Fixed Interest Strategy. The annuity also provides a guarantee that your premium, less withdrawals, will earn interest at a guaranteed minimum rate over the length of the contract. At time of withdrawal, surrender or election of a settlement option, your annuity value will be the greater of the Minimum Guaranteed Value or the Value of the Index Interest Strategies and Fixed Interest Strategy, reduced in either case by the applicable Surrender Charges.

    Additional product detail

    Contact your broker/agent or Annuity.Marketing@rsli.com for more information.