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    Limited Benefit Medical

    Despite various movements to overhaul health care delivery and funding in the US, the standard for providing health insurance is still employer-based. If you do not have “traditional” health coverage through your employer, you may be eligible to elect coverage under a limited benefit medical plan. If your employer offers such a plan, you may be able to receive or purchase important coverage for you and your dependents and in some instances, can fulfill your individual insurance mandate.

    A Limited Benefit Medical plan is not a comprehensive major medical plan, nor is it intended to replace a major medical plan. The plan is intended to provide you, and your covered dependents, with basic insurance coverage that is capped at specific amounts for specific services.

    Under the Reliance Standard BasicCare plan, you may visit any doctor or hospital for treatment, and your enrolled dependents may receive the same benefits as you. BasicCare also offers:

    • Guaranteed acceptance
    • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
    • No deductibles
    • Negotiated rates when using a doctor within our nationwide network
    • Covered doctor visits, x-rays, lab work, prescription drugs and limited hospitalization

    What other coverages are available?

    If your employer elects, you may also enroll in BasicCare Dental, Short-Term Disability and/or Term Life insurance if you participate in the RSL BasicCare Medical plan.

    Will I have to change doctors?

    No, you are free to use any licensed doctor or dentist, or any certified hospital. However, under the medical plan you can save money by using an in-network provider.

    What if I don’t get approved?

    Actually, you cannot be turned down for this insurance if you are an eligible employee — coverage is guaranteed — and there is no medical underwriting. There are no exclusions or limitations for pre-existing conditions.

    See your Human Resources or Benefits representative with questions about your limited benefit medical coverage at work.