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    Short Term Disability & Long Term Disability Management

    Reliance Standard provides a complete range of short term long term and voluntary long term disability coverage. We’ve learned through experience that the best claims management strategy for the client also delivers optimal medical outcomes for the absent employee.

    Our absence management program is easy for injured and ill employees to navigate. Allowing us to handle everything saves Human Resources departments' valuable time. A single call from the employee is all that’s necessary to launch a comprehensive program, or the employee can complete the intake process via the Internet. We manage everything and provide all required written communications. The intake function is staffed by domestically-based Matrix employees.

    Our RN case management approach focuses on returning an ill or injured employee to transitional work as soon as possible. Our Account Managers really understand the client’s business and act as colleagues to advocate and recommend changes than can increase the effectiveness of absence management programs, while reducing the cost.

    Full Accountability with eServices

    eServices is our comprehensive, web-based disability management tool for employers and employees. The key components of eService are easy to access, round-the-clock, including:

    eClaims for direct access to claims information in detail, along with communication with examiner.

    eReports are easy-to-use tools that allow clients to retrieve standard monthly reports and perform ad hoc reporting analysis using the most current data.

    eAccounts allow employee access to some information on a claim, and let them download forms and email the claims administrator.

    eFiling lets an employee complete a claim application for short term or long term disability benefits online.

    eCommunications electronically notifies employer contacts about specific events, such as new claims, approvals, denials, extensions and return-to-work confirmations.