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    Voluntary Critical Illness Coverage


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    Reliance Standard’s Voluntary Group Critical Illness insurance provides a fixed, lump-sum benefit when critical illness strikes. This includes heart attack, stroke, paralysis and more. The VCI plan offers employers a valuable benefit at no direct cost and offers employees an excellent opportunity to purchase valuable coverage in increments that are right for their family, through convenient payroll deduction.

    Some 1.4 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer last year. American men and women have a 2 in 3 chance of living at least five years after a cancer diagnosis – AACII, 2010

    These benefits are paid directly to the insured and may be used for any reason, from deductibles and prescriptions to transportation and child care.


    View our short video that answers questions you may have about Voluntary Critical Illness insurance.


    Basic/Enhanced Plans

    The basic critical illness plan provides coverage for such critical illnesses as life-threatening cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney (renal) failure, and major organ transplant. The enhanced critical illness plan includes coverage for all critical illnesses included in the basic plan, with the addition of ruptured cerebral, carotid or aortic aneurysm, blindness, coma, paralysis and severe brain damage.

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