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    Voluntary Hospital Indemnity Coverage


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    Why Consider Voluntary Indemnity Coverage?

    Everyone knows the importance of having good medical coverage, but a basic plan can only go so far. The fact is, even those who may feel confident in their health insurance choices may still become future victims of unexpected hospital costs:  Nearly 35 million people were admitted to US hospitals in  20141,  with the average cost per hospital stay exceeding $10,0002.

    Reliance Standard offers Voluntary Hospital Indemnity (VHI) coverage to help cover those costs, along with the convenience of easy guaranteed-issue coverage and premiums paid via payroll deduction. Your VHI plan offers hospital admission and daily room and board benefits payable directly to the insured.whorelyonseasonaland/orpart-timeworkersIndustrieswithhighemployeeturnover

    Benefits - Employee

    • Guaranteed coverage, with no medical underwriting
    • Convenient payroll deduction
    •  No pre-existing conditions or mental/nervous/substance abuse exclusions or limitations

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