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    Voluntary Short and Long-Term Disability Coverage


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     Reliance Standard offers employers – and their employees – a variety of options so they can get the coverage they need affordably

    Protect your business while protecting your most valuable asset – your employees.

    View our short video that answers questions you may have about Voluntary Disability insurance.


    Voluntary Group Short and Long Term Disability Plan Highlights:

    • Benefits up to 60% of salary
    • Benefits are available in increments, so you elect what works best for you
    • Maximum short term benefits up to $1,500 per week
    • Maximum long term benefits up to $7,500 per month
    • Benefits begin once you have satisfied the elimination period while disabled
    • Benefit duration may last up to Social Security Normal Retirement Age
    • Maternity covered as an illness
    • Partial disability benefits available

    For additional information:
    Voluntary Short and Long Term Disability