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    Pennsylvania Ballet Program

    The Delphi After School Dance Program, Let's Dance!, in partnership with Pennsylvania Ballet, is a comprehensive after-school dance education program that works with middle-school level students from six schools in Philadelphia. The students participate in dance classes featuring eight-week sessions of instruction in various dance disciplines including: Ballet, Latin Ballroom Dance, Contemporary Dance, African Dance and Hip Hop.

    The students also attend full dress rehearsal performances of Pennsylvania Ballet, observe Pennsylvania Ballet stuidio rehearsals, and are invited to attend Pennsylvania Ballet evening or matinee performances.

    A select group of students works with a writing coach to develop original spoken word performances inspired by dance.

    The program culminates with a combined performance of all six schools where students demonstrate mastery of dance and choreography skills in each of the dance disciplines.

    The students in the program develop self esteem, learn to work as team, and have a whole lot of fun in the program. Please click on our documentary videos from past years (201720162015to learn more about the program.

    A smaller group of interested students works with a professional videographer to learn camera and filming techniques to document the program at their school. Please see this example of a student documentary video created in the program.