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    Absence Solutions®

    Every successful business understands that employee absences cost money. Fortunately, expert absence management can cut those costs substantially. The right absence management solution fully coordinates benefits, monitors and motivates employees and their physicians, and works with managers to expedite a safe and healthy return to work.

    Effective absence management requires skill sets that most companies simply don’t have in-house. That’s why more and more companies are choosing to outsource this vital business process to an integrated employee benefit company whose core competencies are disability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and comprehensive absence management: The combined organizational strength of Reliance Standard, Matrix and Safety National Casualty Corporation.

    A Single Point of Contact Delivers Multiple Benefits.

    By outsourcing absence management to Reliance Standard’s Absence Solutions®, you can save time and cost by having a single, fully-integrated source. With us, you’ll simply find better service and more expertise than from companies with less experience and stripped-down programs.

    Reliance Standard underwrites short term and long term disability coverage: Safety National provides primary and excess worker's compensation, and Matrix Absence Management integrates coverage with federal and state laws and company policies in each state in which the client does business. Matrix also provides intake, clinical case management and web-deployed tools to facilitate a safe and productive return to work.