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    Family and Medical Leave Act Administration (FMLA)

    The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a given 12 month period for their own or a family member’s serious health condition.

    Each year, an estimated one in 5 of all employees will file an FMLA claim with an average duration of six weeks. Our experience managing absences for progressive companies employing hundreds of thousands has given us a core understanding of, and expertise managing, leaves compliant with FMLA.

    Processing Leave of Absence requests is an administrative burden for most employers. Over 80% of all leave requests also have a corresponding disability or workers’ compensation claim. The result is duplicate work for the employer and confusion for the employee. Outsourcing Leave of Absence administration through Absence Solutions®, can ensure that each leave will be processed consistently and in full compliance with federal and applicable state legislation.

    Our professional leave management processes can diminish the cost of administering leaves today while reducing the future potential of fines, penalties and litigation defense or award.

    We offer the flexibility to allow clients to tailor their program to their own distinct needs. Our staff of experts monitors current legislative requirements on a state-by-state and national basis. Our technology platform allows us to track utilization and make sure mandated filing deadlines are met and documented.

    Finally, employees benefit from steady contact with a single source – one that’s knowledgeable about their case.

    Finally, while we directly compete with group carriers for whom the management of FMLA and other types of employee leave is a secondary interest, absence management and the integration of legislated leaves is a core competency of ours – not just a service we offer. We own and operate all of the key elements of the service delivery environment and have been administering these services since 1997, without the need for vendor partners.

    While some carriers use FMLA and LOA services solely as a means of attracting insured lines of business, we manage and integrate leave management programs on the client’s terms, not the other way around.

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