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    Guaranteed income for a lifetime - A smart choice for safety-conscious individuals seeking financial security.

    Reliance Standard offers two types of annuities for the safety-conscious investor.

    Traditional fixed annuities

    • Guaranteed growth
    • Stability of principal
    • Tax deferral
    • Guaranteed lifetime income

    Fixed index annuities

    • Index-linked interest
    • Safety of principal
    • Tax deferral
    • Guaranteed lifetime income

    To learn more about how an annuity can help your clients toward a more secure retirement, contact Annuity.Marketing@rsli.com

    Annuity Forms

    The following forms are available to Reliance Standard policyholders. Please be familiar with our privacy and legal policies* before proceeding.


    Financial Change Form (for Withdrawals, RMDs, Surrenders, and Roth Conversions)
    Non-Financial Change Form (for Beneficiary, Ownership, and Address Changes) 
    Request for Scheduled Annuity Payments
    Lost Policy Affidavit

    Trust Certification Form

    Annuity Death Claim Form (for SPIAs)
    Annuity Death Claim Form



    *Binding Legal Agreement for Online Users. By accessing or downloading online forms, the User automatically agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (RSL) and/or First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company and their affiliates for any damage or liability incurred by use of these forms. It is solely the User's responsibility to keep only the most current Reliance Standard forms on file. Access to these online forms is solely for the purpose of permitting the User to print and submit the form(s) to Reliance Standard.