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    Group Long Term Disability

    One in three Americans will have a disability that will prevent them from working for 90 days or longer. One in seven can expect to be disabled five years or more*. Financial hardships caused by the loss of income resulting from disability can be staggering to employees and their families, as well as to the health of your business.

    Reliance Standard’s flexible Group Long Term Disability Income plans are an excellent way to offer valuable income protection to your employees, at an affordable cost.

    We have many specially-designed LTD benefit packages to choose from. And we’ll help you select the best plan for your employees, at a competitive price.

    Group Long Term Disability Plan Features:

    • No earnings test
    • Extended disability benefit
    • Professional Social Security advocacy
    • Maximum monthly benefits up to $24,000
    • Benefit percentage from 40% up to 66 ⅔%
    • Elimination periods from 30 days up to 5 years (maximum period can vary by state)
    • Elimination period interruption provision
    • “Own Occupation” definition of disability from 12-60 months, or long term
    • Partial and residual benefit available
    • Rate guarantees up to 3 years
    • FMLA/MSLA continuation

    *Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, 2008