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    Limited Benefit Medical

    Why Consider a Limited Benefit Medical Plan?

    When it comes to medical benefits, employers used to face two choices — comprehensive employer-paid medical plans or no insurance at all. However, with the inception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the option not to offer medical insurance no longer exists for some employers. Limited benefit medical plans can be powerful tools for recruiting and retaining employees in situations where traditional medical benefits are not offered or affordable. These plans can also be useful in increasing productivity through reduced absenteeism due to illness, improving employee morale and as a means to provide the level of coverage required by law. For example, our Minimum Essential Coverage plan can help employers meet their obligation under PPACA.

    RSL BasicCare® — Setting the Standard

    Reliance Standard is proud to offer RSL BasicCare, an innovative limited benefit medical program designed with employers’ and employees’ needs in mind. RSL BasicCare allows companies to make the most of their benefit dollars while still offering competitive employee benefits.

    Who can benefit from Limited Benefit Medical Plans?
    • Companies of all sizes that need affordable medical benefits solutions
    • Employers who rely on seasonal and/or part-time workers
    • Industries with high employee turnover

    Benefits to:


    • Affordable alternative to major medical acceptance
    • Choice of affordable voluntary plans with no employer costs
    • Flexible, customized solutions
    • HIPAA compliant, COBRA eligible
    • Confidence of working with an industry leader in group benefits insurance


    • Immediate access to benefits
    • Guaranteed acceptance (can’t be turned down)
    • No pre-existing condition restrictions
    • No deductibles
    • Choice of physicians and hospitals (No “out of network” penalty)
    • Multiplan PPO Network
    • Point of service drug card through Express Scripts