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    Stop Loss Solutions

    RSL Risk Solutions® is a flexible program of group stop-loss insurance designed to help employers maximize their control over health care spending.

    Stop-loss coverage is a financial safety net for those companies seeking the benefits of self-insured risk, controlled costs and improved information.

    RSL Risk Solutions® offers both specific risk (individual) and aggregate risk (total) stop-loss coverage for groups as low as 50 lives:

    • Specific risk coverage helps protect a self-funded plan sponsor against catastrophic claims above the specific risk deductible, which can be as low as $25,000 and as high as appropriate for the group and plan.
    • Aggregate risk coverage helps protect a self-funded plan sponsor in the event that actual claims costs exceed a planned, budgeted amount.

    Stop-loss coverage is available for medical plans, including those with accompanying dental and prescription card plans.

    Stop Loss Plan Design Features:

    • Market-sensitive rating models
    • Deductible levels as low as $25,000 and as high as appropriate to the group and plan
    • Group specific rating and cover
    • Group aggregate rating and cover
    • No mandatory lasering at renewal

    RSL Risk Solutions® offers employers the ability to gain the benefits of self-insurance while mitigating risk. The result may be an effective business solution in the face of increasing reform, economic challenges and government intervention.

    For additional information see the following brochures in PDF format:

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