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    Cost Containment Solutions

    Reliance Standard has established relationships with key partners to offer specialized services that will assist our stop loss clients in controlling claims and related costs.  Our team of experienced nurse consultants will identify opportunities and coordinate the inclusion of specialized vendors and their resources.  Reliance Standard will help lower claim costs while maintaining the same high quality care the patient is accustomed to. 

    How RiskSolutions helps control your costs

    Specialty Network Access – Accessing top-quality care for one or two cases a year of conditions like organ and bone marrow transplants, renal disease, cancer and other conditions can be cost-prohibitive. Our national specialty networks can connect you with affordable access to recognized clinical leaders, which are vital to achieving superior outcomes,

    Claim Negotiation & Review – proven regional, national and international service providers give you access to a range of prospective and retrospective claims review and analysis.

    Consultative Services – Access to experienced nurse, practicing physician, and disease management consultants can help optimize quality and utilization at the case level. At the plan level, industry-leading health and productivity management programs moderate the overall spend on care and treatment.

    High Risk Maternity/Neonatal Services - High risk pregnancies and deliveries are among the most common and costly challenges to any medical plan. RiskSolutions provides guidance and assistance from trained, experienced professionals in the areas of perinatal services, neonatal case management, and consultative services that provide reviews, reports, and recommendations for program development.


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    Learn How Managing Catastrophic Claim Costs Means a Healthier Bottom Line

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