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    Group Dental & Vision

    Reliance Standard offers a wide range of Voluntary Dental and Vision plans, including Traditional Indemnity and Dental PPO options. Our voluntary plans are offered through a Section 125, where benefits are paid with pretax dollars.

    Voluntary Dental and Vision Plans Highlights:

    • Contributory, ASO, Voluntary/Section 125
    • Flexible plan designs include High-Low, Buy-up
    • Traditional Indemnity, Max Covered Expense
    • PPO with nationwide dental provider network
    • Maximum RewardsSM annual max carryover for dental
    • Orthodontia, dental implant, eye exam, LASIK options
    • Vision plan choices include VSP or EyeMed Network
    • Prescription Drug Savings at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide

    A robust provider network

    Voluntary plans featuring a nationwide PPO network provide solutions at a variety of price points to meet your needs and offer your employees choice. The PPO dental network provides your employees and their eligible dependents with over 130,000 provider access points nationwide. Plan members can find a network provider by visiting our website.

    While discount levels vary for all dental companies across geographic markets, the national average discount for in-network services through this PPO dental network is typically 25% below the average dentist charges, or 30-60% below the 90th percentile, in a community.

    Flexibility means value

    All of our Dental PPO or Traditional Indemnity products are flexible, offering programs that include:

    • Multiple plan design options to custom-fit the budget and service preferences of any employee population
    • Coverage toward Preventive/Type 1 procedures such as routine exams and cleanings, as well as Basic/Type 2 procedures like fillings and simple extractions
    • Major/Type 3 procedure benefits include coverage toward crowns, bridge and denture replacement
    • Other plan alternatives to help lower costs such as variable coinsurance levels, deductibles, annual maximums and individual procedure placement
    • Orthodontia programs for child and/or adult care
    • Cosmetic-oriented procedures such as teeth whitening and dental implants (optional)
    • Network providers who agree to accept a contracted fee (maximum allowable charge) for covered services as maximum payment. Insured members are not balance billed the difference between the contracted fee and the provider's usual and customary charge.
    More than 164 million work hours are lost each year due to oral disease - American Dental Association, 2007


    Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be seven times more likely to have a baby that is born prematurely and too small - American Academy of Periodontology, 2009


    Voluntary Vision/Eye Care Plans

    Reliance Standard also offers a wide variety of full-service eye care plans that include benefits toward comprehensive eye exams and materials such as prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses. We also offer an eye exam-only benefit in conjunction with one of our qualifying dental plans, or an eye care plan with benefits for materials only. Choose from two different nationwide eye care networks, or no network at all.

    Reliance Standard eye care programs are available on their own, or in tandem with a Reliance Standard Dental, STD/LTD or Life Insurance program.