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    Group Term Life

    The Reliance Standard Voluntary Group Term Life (VG) plan offers employees an excellent opportunity to purchase Term Life Insurance for self, spouse and children on a payroll deduction basis.


    View our short video that answers questions you may have about Voluntary Group Term Life insurance.


    Group Term Life Plan Features:

    • Incremental coverage from $10,000 to $500,000 for employees and spouses
    • Guaranteed issue amounts for employees — often for spouses, too
    • Dependent child(ren) coverage (guaranteed issue)
    • Employee can elect spouse-only or spouse and dependent children-only coverage
    • Accelerated Death Benefit included
    • Waiver of Premium included
    • Portability and conversion included
    • Tobacco user/Non-Tobacco user rates may be available
    • Five-year, age-banded rates

    For Additional Information:
    Your Guide to Understanding Voluntary Term Life Insurance